Turning ENTERTAINMENT into EDUCATION for the newly arrived


PROJECT: Filmtegration   |   CLIENT: C More   |   YEAR: 2016—ongoing


In 2016, C MORE gave us the challenge to create interest in Swedish film and growth for their streaming service.

A year earlier, in 2015, Sweden received 163,000 immigrants and is now facing the quest of educating them in the Swedish language and culture.

Every immigrant granted asylum in Sweden has the right to receive education to learn Swedish – so called SFI (Swedish For Immigrants). The number students is rising every year and recent analysis shows that students who have followed through all SFI courses have better chances of finding employment. 

Film has for long been seen as a powerful tool to learn both language and culture, but it has been very difficult for SFI teachers to use films as a part of education due to costs and complexities surrounding rights. 

So we set out on a one year journey to turn ENTERTAINMENT into EDUCATION.

The result of that journey became FILMTEGRATION — an initiative that enable Swedish films to be shown and used throughout all SFI education together with arabic subtitles and newly created educational material.

Three months after the launch of Filmtegration, more than 50% of all SFI-teachers use the platform in their day-to-day work and more than 2300 film screenings have been arranged in classrooms all around Sweden.

All major media outlets have covered the project (many of them at several occasions) and the project won a silver egg in the innovation category at GULDÄGGET, Swedens most prestigious communication awards.

And oh, during 2017, C More became the fastest growing streaming service in Sweden.  So it seems like values do generate value.


Services: Concept Development, Service Development, Communication
Selected press: TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, DN, SvDSkolvärlden, Nöjesguiden


The selection of films range from classic blockbusters to new indie titles — all curated with the help of an ADVISORY BOARD consisting of high profiled figures within the film and education industry, such as COLLIN NUTLEY, ANNA SERNER and LISA ASCHAN.

The titles are regularly evaluated based on feedback from teachers and students.


Together with professional educators, we developed educational material centered around learning the language, culture and society — easy adaptable after the knowledge level of each student.

All films on the FILMTEGRATION platform now come with 100+ pages of educational material that enable teachers to utilize each movie as an educational tool over time, not just one lesson.


During the first month, more than 50% of all SFI-teachers signed up to use Filmtegration. And after 4 months, more than 2300 film screenings had been arranged in all over Sweden.


According to a survey with SFI-teachers...