Our office is located at Karlavägen 5 in Stockholm, and doubles as a space for exhibitions, pop-up's and events. 


ELISE Launch Pop-up
Type: Pop-up
Year: 2017

For the launch of ELISE, a new fashion brand created by RFSU, we created a pop-up shop in collaboration with talented interior designer Dennis Graben. The pop-up was open during launch week and hosted several events.


Type: Event
Host: Amaze & BON
Year: 2016
Photo: BON

As a round up for Stockholm Fashion Week 2017, the creative platform Amaze hosted an exhibition in our space, together with fashion magazine BON. The theme was 'Love' and the exhibition featured work from 50 creatives from Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and New York.


Flagship Store of Good Ideas
Type: Pop-up
Year: 2016

The Flagship Store of Good Ideas was a good idea that brought together 24 different brands under one roof. It's purpose was to create a destination for design savvy people to support independent brands while doing their christmas shopping. Brands that where carried include: Hem, Sensitive Kids Club, Nufferton and Sniph.


Cathay Pavilion
Type: Exhibition
Artist: Karl Patric Näsman
Year: 2016

In its kaleidoscopic entirety, Cathay Pavilion presents a lucid view of today’s hybrid society, filtered through the eyes, hands and mind of Karl Patric Näsman


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